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Lena is a renowned international aesthetician, drawing from her 30+ years of giving facials, leveraging her knowledge from biology/psychology studies and her early pharmaceutical background (where she literally mixed skin creams). Lena’s team works with difficult skin. Other places don’t like to deal with clients with acne because it’s more time consuming. We like the challenge and like to see the person come back happy. 


 Start your new supportive skincare relationship today

Take your skin to the next level. For most, the road to good skin is not easy, and it is hard to know how to manage it. After one session (even a free 15 minute virtual consultation) and the right products recommended for you, your skin can transform.

We have 100% organic facials, and we mostly recommend either organic or biodynamic products. 


However, when working with skin, such as acne or scarring (we are here for you), we may recommend ingredients that are not organic.  


We believe in trying to get to the root of your skin problems, and we will always provide transparency with ingredients first, so you can make the right decision for you.

"I basically had bad skin for my entire life. I would pick my face in the mirror as hated my pimples. I didn't know how to manage my skin or what products to use, and I realized I had never really had a good facial until Lena's. After a few months of following Lena's advice, my skin was so good I did my own makeup for my wedding." 


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