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Maksim is an intimate spa devoted to providing exceptional, personalized service in a relaxing atmosphere. Launched in January of 2000 by aesthetician Lena Makushina, Maksim became an instant success and quickly developed a reputation as the place to go for clients who take skin care seriously.


With her pharmaceutical background, Lena had spent many years working with problematic skin in high-end European and US Spas, including Susan Seminelli and Bliss Spa. She wanted to create her own place, on a smaller scale, as a skin care boutique, where she could focus her attention on treatments of different conditions and offer effective solutions for all types of skin.

As Maksim’s business grew rapidly, Lena asked her sister, Olya Piccirillo, to join Maksim. Olya had spent over twenty years studying and researching nutrition and its connection to internal health and beauty and particularly facial skin. She became certified as a holistic health and nutrition counselor and continued working with Lena, addressing skin challenges from the nutritional aspect.

The sisters took traditional skin care to a new level, offering not only very thorough facials but also nutritional consultations and programs that can benefit the clients’ overall health and beauty. “We work with difficult skin”, Lena says. Other places don’t like to deal with clients with acne, because it’s more time-consuming. We like the challenge and like to see the person come back happy.

Lena believes that in order to effectively treat problem skin, one needs to determine the root of the problem first and treat it internally and externally to get best, lasting results.

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