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How do I approach healing your skin?

By Lena Mukushina

The first time I have a session with a client, the very first thing we discuss is how they are cleaning their skin, and what is their approach for daily home management.


By modifying a few simple steps, with clean products, most of my clients see imminent changes. 

Based on my experience, often the root of the problem comes from the inside-out.  Meaning, it could be related to diet, a hormonal problem, an emotional imbalance or external influences. Ideally, once identified I focus my work as an aesthetician to work together with a client to restore and heal his/her skin both inside and out.

Here are a few ways to work toward healing your skin:

1.    Hygiene- clean, exfoliate and moisturize.
2.    Have monthly facials (physically extract impurities from the debris of the skin).
3.    Address your hormones; evaluate your allergies, diet, stomach issues and emotional balance.
4.    Evaluate your external factors, such as parasites, pollution and professional poisoning.

Just like every organ in our body has a cycle, our skin being the largest organ also has one. The skin cells are regenerated every 4-6 weeks depending on the age of a client.


Without a good skin routine dead cells, excess of oil and impurities build up on the service of the skin, making it a great environment for bacteria to grow. On the other hand, the anti-aging products a client uses on a skin as a daily regiment to protect, prevent or reverse the aging process will not absorb into the skin because of the barrio. Taking impurities out by exfoliation and extraction not only eliminates the food for growing bacteria on the skin but also father infections, and increases the anti-aging process.


For me to clean the skin thoroughly I have to take all impurities out pore by pore; exfoliate, massage, and put the moisture back to enable the skin to heal.  I know how hard it is, when you are at home and get a breakout, or pimple. When I start working with clients I give them the information and recommend the home microneedling tool to help.  When it comes to extractions, I strongly believe (for my client's best interests!) I should be the only person squeezing and extracting as a professional, avoiding damage to the skin and maximizing progress.


What is a difference from extractions I perform to others?

I have been doing extractions for 25+ years. I’m professional and I love what I do and I'm good at this. In my years of experience, in the field of cosmetology I realized that some other estheticians hesitate to do deep extractions on clients, as they either lack the knowledge or fear they could cause bruising, wounding and scarring the skin. Lack of confidence leads to not precisely extracting impurities and that leads to infection, causing a long time for the skin to heal, a client may even experience a red face for a week or longer. 

After a facial there is always some kind of physical trauma added to the skin, so now the time to heal, and the use of masks and moisturizers are very important.


Remember, the skin is not just a beauty; it is a protective organ that gives us a signal of how we feel inside and out, and can show if we are healthy or not.

I hope this gives you a glimpse into my approach. I love working with my clients, as I feel can offer them the support, information, tools and guidance their skin needs to get to a better state, which also improves their wellbeing. 


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