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How can microneedling at home help even more now during COVID-19?

By Lena Mukushina

Especially now during COVID-19, when our beauty regiments may be disrupted, using the microneedling roller at home is highly recommended (once or twice a week). 

Microneedling is known as a collagen induction therapy. By tiny needles penetrating the skin and causing superficial skin wounding, microneedling is boosting natural collagen, elastin production and other gross factors. It minimizes the size of pores and makes skin appearance tighter, brighter and radiant. 

Microneedling can be a game changer for acne, wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation, sagging and it overall improves the appearance of your skin.

Do you have or know someone with acne?

From the bottom of my heart, I urge “Stop picking your skin”. It is only damaging the skin and creating pigmentation and long term scarring, unfortunately sometimes forever. On the other hand, the microneedling tool can help prevent acne immensely. Using the microneedling roller over acne-prone skin in general, when the skin is clear will improve the clarity of the skin. However, there is a big “NO” to using microneedling over pimples, pustules, inflammation or other breakouts. The needles will aggravate acne bacteria and spread it, bursting into worse break ups. Furthermore, the aggravation of the skin after the treatment will delay the healing process.  

What does it feel like?

The procedure at home can be a little bit uncomfortable; however it’s not unbearable (actually, most my clients love it, as they see the results!).  As you are using your own device, you can control the pressure of a roller.

Why the right home routine with microneedling is important?

Serums like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and peptides should be used with microneedling and applied before and after the treatment. My suggestion would be to use the most natural products, during and after this treatment, like Eminence Organics. A couple days after microneedling the skin needs to be gently exfoliated to remove micro scabs. Also, continue to use serum and oil after the home procedure.  Your skin will be glowing and all products used on your skin will penetrate and be absorbed deeper. The result will be obvious. 

Which is the recommended microneedling tool?

MTS roller creates hundreds of microchannels that enable the delivery of therapeutic serums through the dermal layers to optimize the results. Clinical studies across the continents have shown that serum absorption is increased up to 3,000x when applied with the MTS roller. Moreover, the studies have also shown that treatment with the MTS Roller is more consistent in increasing the skin thickness than other resurfacing treatments. The MTS roller needles are made with surgical stainless steel, that penetrate skin so far without damaging the skin and result in fast recuperating delivery. 

Did you know? A little fun fact!

The history of microneedling goes as far as thousand years, and was found in Egyptian, Indian and Asian cultures where people accustomed to needle themselves.

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